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Book a Face Reading Session

Daniel Neuhaus Facereader

Do you want to get to know yourself better? Book your Face Reading session now and gain deeper insights into your personality, talents, and potentials.


What can you look forward to in your Face Reading session?


You can look forward to a comprehensive breakdown of your personality, your essence, and how you operate. Additionally, you will receive your personal potential analysis. For any areas of your life that may be challenging, I will explore the causes and show you ways to approach these aspects from a different perspective. Furthermore, I will provide you with personalized learning statements that will support you on your life journey and help you maintain balance.


We will discuss the following topics:


  • Who are you in general?

  • How do you deal with your emotions?

  • How do you interact with other people?

  • How do you communicate?

  • How do you handle conflicts?

  • How do you make decisions?

  • How do you approach things, such as work topics?

  • Your personal learning statements to support you in living your calling

  • Your talents

  • Your life purpose


Intensive Face Reading Package: I will thoroughly prepare for your Face Reading by analyzing your photos in advance. Following this, we will discuss your personality in a 1.5 to 2-hour session, which can take place either in person in Hamburg or via Zoom. An audio recording of the session is included.


A Face Reading can have a lasting impact and accompany you throughout your life. It makes sense to listen to the audio recording of your Face Reading from time to time, as some insights may only become clear to you at a later point in time, given the wealth of information provided.


You have the option to add a comprehensive written script of your reading for 75 euros. This script allows you to refer back to different points in your Face Reading easily and is a valuable addition to the recording, providing assistance for years to come.

For the Compact Face Reading Package, I focus on the key features of your face, which we discuss in a 30-minute session. Alternatively, you can also share a question with me beforehand that you would like to explore..


Information about the photos required in advance:


  • One photo each: without makeup, front-facing, as well as from your left and right sides.

  • Neutral, completely relaxed facial expression without smiling.

  • Also a picture of your forehead wrinkles. Simply raise your eyebrows to create wrinkles on your forehead.

  • Not taken with the selfie function (risk of a mirror-reversed photo).

  • When taking photos with your phone, make sure to maintain a certain distance to avoid distortion caused by the wide-angle lens.

  • Forehead and ears should be visible.

  • If you have long hair, a tight ponytail is optimal.

  • Feel free to include additional candid photos from your personal life. These can show you smiling in situations where you felt comfortable and at ease.


Facereading Profilfotos-Beispiele.JPEG
Porträt in Gelb

Intensive Face Reading Package

Areas of Focus

  • Who are you in general?

  • How do you handle your emotions?

  • How do you interact with others?

  • How do you communicate?

  • How do you handle conflicts?

  • How do you make decisions?

  • How do you approach things, e.g., work topics?

  • Your personal learning statements

  • Your talents

  • Identification of life purpose

Our personal conversation lasts

approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. 

350 Euro 

Upon request, an additional 75 euros gross for a detailed work script.


*Displayed prices include statutory VAT.

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Junger Mann
Junger Mann

Face Reading Compact

In the Face Reading compact, you'll get to the point about the main features of your personality. Optionally, you can also provide me with a specific question beforehand that concerns you.

Our personal conversation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

150 Euro

*Displayed prices include VAT.

Face Reading for Couples

What do your faces reveal about your relationship?

A Face Reading for couples is ideal if you want to deepen your understanding of yourselves individually and within your partnership. I'll highlight the challenges, strengths, and relationship dynamics at play.


As a Face Reader, I use various Face Reading techniques to delve deep into each individual's personality. I can assist you in advancing your relationship in a healthy and happy manner by identifying your partner's unique strengths and weaknesses and finding solutions to any potential issues.


After the Face Reading for couples, you'll understand where you are similar, where you can complement each other, and where potential conflicts may arise. Through individual recognition and mutual understanding, your appreciation for each other will grow, ultimately strengthening your love.

We start our journey with two individual Face Reading intensive sessions, where I will deeply read each of you separately. A few days later, we'll meet again for the third and final joint couple reading session.



  • 2 x Intensive Face Reading packages for you and your partner (each session lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours).

  • 1 x joint Face Reading for couples session (duration approximately 1.5 to 2 hours).

  • Comprehensive work scripts for all Face Readings.


999 Euro

*Prices displayed include VAT.

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