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Podcasts, Interviews and more

ELBBLICK - Podcast

In this first part of the ELBBLICK podcast episode, I answer questions about how I got into Face Reading, the difference between Face Reading and Facial Expression Resonance (Mimikresonanz), and discuss how we can detect lies based on facial expressions and body language. I also touch on why it's not beneficial to constantly have our lie radar activated.

Besonnen beseelt beflügelt - Podcast

Claudia Heinicke from "Besonnen beseelt beflügelt" invited me to her podcast. We discussed what Face Reading is, the aspects we can read in faces, and why it's crucial to live our talents and gifts.


#PFL pres. PASSION FOR LIFE S1 E1: Daniel Neuhaus and Patrick Fritzsche met for the first time in a café, and Daniel knew everything about Patrick without them having met before. Okay, that sounds like magic at first glance, but could there be more to it? Daniel is a Face Reader! What secrets lie in your face - what potentials do you have? You might find an answer here.

City Magazin PRINZ

The city magazine PRINZ has written an article about me and my work as a Face Reader, exploring how Face Reading can help us in everyday life.

Instagram Live Reading

In this Insta Live session, we discuss the intersections between Human Design and Face Reading, as well as what I read from Oetzkan's face.

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