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Our Face | The Mirror of Our Personality

Do you sometimes wonder what you're really good at? Perhaps Do you ever find yourself pondering what you're truly exceptional at? Perhaps you're standing at a pivotal moment in your life, searching for profound insights into your own personality. Just as our facial expressions reveal our current thoughts, our personality and talents are also etched onto our faces.  


Through a personal face reading, I carefully interpret the unique characteristics of your personality, drawn from the contours of your face. This provides a deeper understanding of the motivations behind your actions and thoughts. Furthermore, we delve into potential contradictions within your personality and the powerful forces shaping you—such as a strong need for security juxtaposed with an intense craving for adventure. These paradoxes not only enrich our lives with complexity but also present significant challenges.  


Following the face reading, you'll feel deeply acknowledged and comprehended. I merely bring to light what already exists within you. What unfolds next is entirely up to you. Rather than dictating actions, I simply articulate the insights embedded in your facial features. This process can indeed be transformative. By embracing our innate talents and pursuing what we excel in, we naturally align with our life's purpose, paving the way for a profoundly fulfilling existence.




Face Reading Training, Seminars & In-House Workshops

Interested in mastering Face Reading, developing the skill to assess people accurately within seconds? The diversity of facial features and their countless combinations offer profound insights into individual facets of human personality, enabling deductions across various domains.

  • Individual strengths and talents

  • Work methods

  • Communication styles

  • Conflict resolution

  • Handling emotions

  • Decision-making and implementation

  • Significant events and emotional management


Here, the Big Five model serves as the foundation, internationally recognized as the universal standard model in personality research.


Face Reading in practice

  • Provides solutions for HR challenges in companies.

  • Acts as an empathy amplifier for executives in managing employees.

  • Aids in talent- and strength-based team building.

  • Supports sales, negotiation, consulting, sales, coaching, therapy, and mediation.

  • Face Reading contributes significantly to better self-understanding, as it enables one to read not only others but also oneself.

Decode Facial Expression & Body Language


Mimikresonanz® Training,

Seminars & In-house Workshops

By undergoing Mimikresonanz® training, you can measurably enhance your ability to recognize emotions, significantly benefiting both your personal and professional success. The clear results from numerous studies show that an improved capacity for emotion recognition positively affects outcomes and the quality of relationships in various areas.  


Whether in coaching, psychotherapy, negotiation, sales, or HR recruitment, in service roles or management, the ability to better understand the feelings and unspoken objections of your conversation partners can lead to quicker and more sustainable therapy results, increased patient satisfaction in healthcare, higher sales revenue, and more motivated employees and leaders.  


With Mimikresonanz®, I provide you with the tools to accurately perceive facial expressions and body language in a fraction of a second, allowing you to respond thoughtfully and appreciatively to what you observe. You will discover that this enables you to connect more effectively with your conversation partners. Moreover, your conversations will gain a depth that strengthens interpersonal connections, making them more meaningful and enduring. 

Mimikresonanz® Summarized

The most important thing to remember is that our facial expressions are directly connected to our limbic system. This means our expressions twitch involuntarily.


  1. Look directly at your conversation partner's face when asking important questions. Pay attention to changes and even the smallest movements.

  2. Notice facial signals.

  3. If you notice something, reflect it back with an 'I' statement, like: 'I feel like you might still be worried.'  

  4. The feedback you receive now is invaluable.

Daniel Neuhaus Facereading.jpg

I am Daniel Neuhaus!

Nice to see you've landed on my website!  


Face Reading is a personal matter, and I completely understand your curiosity about me.  


I'm 47 years old, living in Hamburg-Ottensen, and like everyone else, I've experienced quite a bit.

This is what others say about me

"I went into our conversation completely unbiased and was fascinated that someone who doesn't know me at all recognized my typical character traits through face reading.  

I'm very pleased with the recording and will watch or listen to it again.  

It was a great experience that made me think, and I hope to implement some of your 'impulses' in my life.  

All the best to you, continued success, and may your gift continue to inspire many more people... It was a pleasure!


Anja from Leipzig

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