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Daniel Neuhaus Webinar

Discover the Secrets of the Face

Webinars for
Face Reading and Mimikresonanz

Utilize Face Reading...

  • to Better Understand Yourself and Others

  • to expand your understanding of people and enhance your interpersonal relationships

  • as a valuable tool for personal development and self-reflection

  • to recognize the diverse applications of Face Reading in professions and coaching

In the free webinar, you will learn...

  • how to find more self-acceptance by examining your own face with a trained eye, while also accurately assessing the strengths and personalities of others.

  • how Face Reading works

  • why Face Reading will forever change your perspective on the people around you

  • why you continuously write into your face and thus your personality

  • initial clues to how your personality is wired

Would you like to know more about Face Reading?

Then sign up now for the free webinar. I look forward to seeing you there!

Face Reading Webinars

Discover now what you're really good at and what defines your personality!


Do you know what your individual talents, potentials, and strengths are? If you need a moment to think about it, or if not much comes to mind immediately, you're not alone. Most people are much better at listing what they're not good at. Unfortunately, focusing on our weaknesses can hinder personal success and may even affect our health.


Perhaps you're stuck in a job that doesn't suit you at all or in an environment where you can't develop your abilities. Knowing and living your talents and strengths is the key to a fulfilling life. For example, let's say you're a tax consultant, but you lack a talent for numbers. Through hard work and determination, you can still become successful, but you may never be as good as a colleague who has this talent. Moreover, the path to success feels much rockier when we can't unfold our talents along the way.


Face Reading helps you to better understand yourself. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, you finally concentrate on the things that come naturally to you - and this can lead to different successes, including self-realization and living your calling.

"The face is the mirror of the soul. It reveals to us a deeper truth about ourselves and our fellow human beings."


  • to accurately recognize and understand emotions in facial expressions

  • to interpret nonverbal signals of body language accurately

  • to develop a deeper understanding of the feelings and thoughts of other people

  • to avoid misunderstandings in interpersonal communication

In the free webinar, you will learn...

  • to understand the importance and significance of facial expressions and body language in interpersonal communication

  • how to correctly interpret the subtle signals of facial expressions and body language

  • practical tips and techniques for better understanding the emotions of those around you

  • how Mimikresonanz supports you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and others

Webinar on Facial Expressions & Body Language

The Mimikresonanz® method enables you to decode the secrets of facial expressions and body language, accurately recognizing the emotions of other people. Studies indicate that nearly half of emotions expressed through facial expressions are either missed or misinterpreted.


In my free webinar, you'll dive into the fascinating world of Mimikresonanz® and learn to accurately interpret nonverbal signals from facial expressions and body language.


Use Mimikresonanz to develop a deeper understanding of your fellow human beings and to avoid misunderstandings in communication.

Virtuelles Teammeeting

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