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Seeing Emotions 

Understanding People

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Seeing What Is Unspoken

Studies show: Nearly half of the emotions conveyed through facial expressions are either overlooked or misinterpreted.


By learning the Mimikresonanz® method, you can enhance your ability to read facial expressions and accurately recognize emotions, as well as learn to identify nonverbal cues precisely.

Reading and Understanding People

  • Is he telling the truth or was I lied to?

  • Will she call me?

  • How do my colleagues see me and what opinion do they have of me?

  • Is there really no way for the seller to lower the price?

  • Is there an objection that my customer has but isn't expressing?

  • How was the feedback received by my employee?

  • Is she still engaged and motivated, or has she already become resigned and wants to leave the company?


Each of us has probably asked similar questions at some point. It's human nature to occasionally wonder what people truly feel and what goes on in their minds.


To answer these questions that occupy us in dealing with other people, it often isn't enough to just listen to spoken words. Nonverbal signals expressed through body language and facial expressions play a crucial role in interpersonal communication. Neglecting these nonverbal signals is like wandering in a confusing labyrinth without a source of light.


The facial expressions and body language of other people are like flashes of light that help us find our way out of this labyrinth and navigate our communication with others. These signals can be subtle and very small, yet they carry fundamental significance.


When you're able to interpret the subtle signals of facial expressions and body language, you can better understand what others are experiencing and how they truly feel. It also helps to navigate interpersonal communication and avoid misunderstandings. Therefore, reading facial expressions provides orientation, solves mysteries, and prevents getting lost in communication.

Why Mimikresonanz®?

Individuals who possess a high ability to recognize emotions benefit from a positive impact on success, both in personal and professional domains.

There are clear studies that support this statement.

„I just need five minutes to decipher our opponent's tactics.“ 

Pep Guardiola, two-time FIFA Club World Cup-winning football coach

Decode the Facial Expressions & Body Language
of your Counterpart

Although most people recognize the importance of being able to read facial expressions after a moment's thought, only a few have attended formal training in "facial expression interpretation."  


Imagine being able to decipher the facial expressions and body language of your counterpart within moments and understand their meaning. You could clearly perceive how the person feels, what they are thinking, and grasp insights into their personality. You could discern whether they are telling the truth or lying, uncovering the unsaid yet visible.  


Facial Expression Interpretation training aims precisely for this: providing you with the expertise to interpret and understand signals in facial expressions and body language deeply.  


Discover the fascinating realm of facial expression interpretation and explore the nonverbal communication conveyed through facial expressions and body language.

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