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Seeing Emotions 

understanding People

Fields of Application

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Seeing the Unspoken 

By applying Mimikresonanz, you can enhance your ability to build strong relationships with your conversation partners and better perceive their emotions and needs.


These skills are crucial both in personal and professional contexts, such as negotiation, employee discussions, customer service, coaching, therapy, as well as in partnerships or as a parent.

In Customer Advisory
and Sales

Through your ability to recognize and interpret nonverbal signals, you can quickly understand the needs and motivations of your customers in customer advisory and sales.


This leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales. Additionally, you are able to accurately assess the emotional impact of your presentation on the customer and respond accordingly if necessary.


For instance, you can better determine whether the customer has a genuine objection or if it is merely a pretext.

Verkäuferin in einem Bekleidungsgeschäft

In Negotiation

In today's business environment, the ability to negotiate successfully is considered a core competency for executives and managers across almost every domain.  

Whether negotiating visions, goals, performance, contracts, or terms, you must negotiate with customers, employees, supervisors, and service providers in today's business world.  

Negotiators who apply the Facial Expression Resonance method achieve their goals more swiftly because they have a keen eye for hidden messages conveyed through their counterpart's facial expressions.

In Management and Leadership

Through training in Mimikresonanz, you can enhance your ability to accurately perceive the team's mood and the individual emotions of your employees, and respond appropriately.  

This allows you not only to better understand in employee discussions and meetings, but also in your daily interactions with your employees, how people process and absorb decisions and information on an emotional level.


For HR Professionals and Decision Makers

You expand your repertoire of diagnostic tools and thereby sharpen your perceptiveness. As a human resources professional, you conduct confidential discussions, evaluate performances and capabilities, provide counsel, and make strategic and policy decisions for your company.  


Through precise observation, you gather valuable information about your conversation partners. You can immediately identify stress factors and sensitive points and respond appropriately.

In Coaching
and Therapy

Mimikresonanz techniques help in better understanding the emotions of patients or clients and identifying successful approaches for change processes.  

By applying these techniques, you have the opportunity to base your work on evidence by analyzing the emotional signals in the facial expressions of your clients or patients and evaluating the success of your interventions accordingly.  
This method allows you to assess the effectiveness of your interventions and adjust them if necessary to achieve optimal results. However, it's not only crucial to recognize the emotions of your clients for the success of coaching or therapy.  

Studies show that the facial expressions of the coach or therapist can also influence the coaching and therapy outcomes. Therefore, Mimikresonanz seminars also focus on raising awareness of one's own facial signals and their impact.

Sitzung beim Psychologen
Image by Markus Spiske

In Mediation and
Conflict Management

By perceiving the emotions of the parties involved in conflict early on, you can defuse or even prevent critical situations more quickly. At the same time, you can consciously enhance positive moments and relationship resources.  

You are capable of identifying calibrated feedback loops and making targeted interventions more swiftly. Through precise interpretation of facial expressions, you can also assess how proposed solutions are emotionally received.

In Seminars and Group Presentations

By sharpening your perception, you can quickly gauge the atmosphere within the group and the individual emotions of your participants. This enables you to actively promote attention and interest during your presentation.  

You are also able to identify questions and internal resistance early on and address them at the right moment.

Person wird interviewed

For Journalists/

Mimikresonanz allows you to observe the facial expressions of your interviewee to identify possible emotional states triggered by the camera, such as stress, fear of questions, or time pressure.  

By considering your conversation partner's facial expressions, you gain valuable insights that go beyond spoken words, providing you with important insights for the continuation of the interview.

For Interpreters
and Translators

In interpreter-mediated communication, emotions play a central role.  

As an interpreter, you must not only communicate perfectly in your working languages but also closely observe and interpret the nonverbal signals such as facial expressions, voice, gestures, and body language of your conversation partners.  

The comprehensiveness of interpreting is therefore crucial, and Facial Expression Resonance can help you ensure this more effectively. By recognizing and interpreting nonverbal signals, you can convey conversation content fully and accurately.

Image by Austin Distel
Das Essen mitbringen

In Service

The faster and more accurately you can perceive the emotions of customers and guests, the more effectively you can meet their needs. You can tailor your communication to match the mood of your counterpart.  

This is particularly important in the area of complaint management. If you can accurately identify the primary facial expressions of emotions, you will be better equipped to handle complaints appropriately and thereby bring a smile to the guest's face.  

Studies show that customers whose complaints have been successfully resolved tend to be more loyal than those whose complaints remain unresolved.

In Network Marketing

Interpersonal relationships are crucial for success in this context. Effective communication and respectful interaction with others are of great importance.  

By applying Facial Expression Resonance, you can establish a positive conversational foundation that promotes mutual success. Mimikresonanz helps you better understand the emotions of your counterpart, communicate effectively, and become a sought-after and popular conversational partner.  

This is a key to long-term success in network marketing.

Image by Jonny Gios

In Healthcare

It is widely known that emotional aspects have an impact on physical health and the healing process.  

By better perceiving patients' feelings and responding to them appropriately and respectfully, both the patient's well-being and that of the medical staff can be enhanced.  

Therefore, an effective method to quickly and accurately recognize patients' feelings in everyday work is crucial, as there is often limited time available for each patient.

For Elite
Sports Coaches

The psychological and physical performance of athletes significantly depends on their emotional state. Effectively utilizing their performance potential relies heavily on how well athletes can control their emotions.  

As a coach, it's important to accurately recognize the emotional signals of your athletes and respond accordingly. Facial Expression Resonance can provide valuable support in this regard. By strategically using your own emotional signals, you as a coach can additionally exert a positive influence on your athletes.  

A heightened awareness of emotions and the ability to regulate them effectively are therefore crucial factors for the success of your athletes.

Jugend-Baseball Coach

For Security Personnel

As a security professional, you bear a high responsibility in your job to swiftly and appropriately resolve potential conflicts. An important skill here is the ability to recognize the emotional state of your conversation partner early on.  

By attentively observing and interpreting nonverbal signals such as facial expressions and body language of others, you can better understand their needs and motivations. This enables you to take appropriate actions and identify and defuse conflicts at an early stage before they escalate.

Flirting, Love, and Partnership

Studies indicate that only 18% of women and 36% of men are capable of correctly recognizing flirtatious signals. Through training in Facial Expression Resonance, you sharpen your ability to understand and interpret nonverbal signals on your conversation partner's face.

It's not just about finding the ideal partner but also about maintaining love in a relationship. By treating each other attentively and respectfully and recognizing and appreciating each other's emotional needs early on, you can enhance happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.  

Training in Mimikresonanz also improves your sensitivity in critical situations. For instance, you can better discern when an argument is looming and choose to continue the conversation at a later time when emotions have calmed down.

Verspieltes Paar
Zeit für Familie

For Parents

Through the skill of Mimikresonanz, you can recognize the true feelings of your children, even when they say everything is fine.  

This gives you the opportunity to better encourage your children to express and share their emotions. At the same time, you can also better assess when it's appropriate to give your children more privacy.

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