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Face Reading 

Face Reading
Facial Expressions
& Body Language

Integrative Face Reading combines the interpretation of facial features, facial expressions, and body language to recognize and better understand the personality, emotions, and behaviors of individuals.

Face Reading is an extremely effective tool that can be utilized across a wide range of professions, from HR professionals, executives, therapists, doctors, coaches, to salespeople in every industry. It enables an immediate, deeper understanding of individuals' personalities, emotions, and behaviors through the interpretation of facial features, expressions, and body language. This enhances interpersonal communication significantly and positively impacts work success. Face Reading is an empathetic and effective method that provides a substantial advantage to anyone looking to elevate their skills in interacting with others to a new level.

Face Reading: Enhancing Empathy


You not only know which personality you are dealing with right now, but also how your counterpart is feeling - even if they don't say it. Face Reading is therefore a powerful enhancer of success, enabling people to cultivate more appreciative relationships in their professional fields and private lives.

Training Programs

Face Reading 

Basic Module

Recognizing Strengths and Personality in the Face

In this training module, you will learn not only how to accurately read the personality of your counterpart based on individual facial features but also how to recognize their unique talents and potentials.

2.5 days of training, 8 hours each 

Basics of Face Reading

The division of facial regions and their assignment to specific thematic areas

Identifying personality types and motivational fields

Face Shapes - Insights into Personality

Feature-Based Analysis for Identifying Individual Strengths and Potentials

Wrinkles - Frozen Emotions - and Their Meaning

Face Reading Certificate



In this training, you will learn the ability not only to accurately recognize facial signals but also to interpret them correctly and engage in emotional resonance. The focus is on training the interaction between facial expressions and body language and sharpening your own perception.

5 days of training, 8 hours each day

The 12 (primary) emotions in facial expressions & body language

Trigger, Need, and Function behind Emotions

The decoding of body language and gestures

Recognizing nonverbal objections in facial features

Going into resonance empathetically with what is seen

Online-Campus:Training to recognize even subtle microexpressions

Scientific test for facial expression emotion recognition / (Comparison before and after training)

Mimikresonanz® Certificate



This basic seminar provides you with the knowledge to recognize facial expressions in your counterpart and to apply the Facial Expression Resonance method to enhance your success in conversations.

2-day training, 8 hours per day

What facial expressions reveal and what they do not

Mimikresonanz© Principles

Grundlagen der Mimik- und Emotionsforschung

The 7 PFEs (Purely Facial Emotions)

Online campus for practicing facial expressions

Mimikresonanz® Certificate

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