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Face Reading
Basic Module


Recognizing Strengths and Personality in the Face


  • Fundamentals of Face Reading Technique

  • Current State of Research from a Scientific Perspective

  • The Division of Facial Regions and Their Assignment to Specific Topics

  • Identifying Personality Types and Motivational Fields: The Motivkompass®

  • Face Shapes According to Siang Mien - Gateway to Personality

  • Feature-Based Analysis for Identifying Individual Strengths and Potentials

  • Facial Features and Their Meanings

  • Talent Lines from Siang Mien

  • Face Reading Certificate

Who is this Basic Module for?

Coaches, trainers, consultants, therapists, doctors, HR professionals, recruiters, and executives who aim to discover talents and potentials, engage with others more empathetically, and guide them towards happiness and success through positive reinforcement will find valuable support in this module.

Total Duration of Training: 2.5 days

Trainer: Daniel Neuhaus


950 Euro

*Displayed prices include statutory VAT.

Interested in a customized in-house training for your company? Feel free to contact me for more information.

Learning Goal

The ability to read faces holds great potential in addressing complex questions, both for yourself and the people you interact with daily. Mastering this skill can pave the way to success by enhancing your strengths, recognizing and overcoming obstacles, and increasing your self-efficacy.

What's more, you can apply this ability not only to others but also to yourself. In this 2.5-day Face Reading basic training, you will learn how to identify individual talents and strengths in the face of others. This knowledge enables you to unlock entirely new potentials and positively influence your own life as well as those of others.

With this knowledge, you can fill suitable positions, define goals and development opportunities, and resolve conflicts in your environment. By focusing on strengths, individuals and consequently, companies can experience sustainable growth. The trained ability to read faces not only mirrors our own thoughts and emotions but also opens doors to potential pathways for unlocking the potential of others.

Areas of Application

Face Reading Einsatzfelder.png
"One of my most impactful and fascinating experiences was undoubtedly meeting Daniel. With his ability to captivate people on a topic, whether as a speaker on stage or in smaller settings like workshops and seminars, he undoubtedly inspired me. It was a completely new way to learn more about myself by examining my own facial features. From my perspective - absolutely recommended!"

Hendrik Meißner, Leipzig (Germany)

Alexa Young, CA

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