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Mimikresonanz® Fundamentals 


  • Current State of Facial Expression and Emotion Research

  • Mimikresonanz® Principles

  • What Facial Expressions Reveal and What They Don't

  • Foundations of Facial Expression and Emotion Research

  • Recognizing the 7 Primary Facial Expressions (PFE)

  • Recognizing Facial Expressions

  • In Tune with Facial Expressions: Responding to Facial Signals

  • Deeply Understanding Human Behavior: the Motivkompass®

  • Online Training Platform for Professional Development in Emotion Recognition Skills, Specifically in Identifying Microexpressions in Facial Expressions

  • Mimikresonanz® Certificate


Total Duration of Training:

  • 2 Days



  • Online-Campus: Training for rapid recognition of microexpressions (<500 ms)


Trainer: Daniel Neuhaus


890 Euro

*Displayed prices include VAT

Learning Goal

This training provides you with a comprehensive understanding of facial expressions and the ability to recognize them accurately, even faster than <500ms.


It is the key to enhancing your interpersonal communication skills and improving how you interact with others, deepening your connection with them.


With the knowledge and skills gained, you will be able to engage with others empathetically and with a high degree of sensitivity, thereby enhancing your interpersonal relationships.

Areas of Application

Mimikresonanz Einsatzfelder.png
I had the privilege of experiencing an unbeatable combination of warmth, spirit, and expertise at the Mimikresonanz seminar. The balance between theory and practice was excellent, the facilities were great, and there was ample time for interaction with other participants. By the end, I was filled with inspiration and left the seminar with a buoyant feeling. Highly recommended!

Lena Berger, Leipzig (Germany)

Alexa Young, CA

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