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Mimikresonanz® Intensive Training


  • Scientific Facial Emotion Recognition Test / (before and after training - learning curve comparison)

  • Current State of Facial Expression and Emotion Research

  • What are the Universal Triggers (Function, Need) Behind the 12 Primary Emotions?

  • Analysis of Video Material

  • Deep Understanding of Human Behavior: The Motivation Compass®

  • Sharpening Intuition: Empathy "Muscle Training"

  • Accurately Recognizing Subtle Facial Expressions and Microexpressions

  • To deal effectively and appropriately with Facial Expressions and nonverbal signals.

  • The interaction between facial expressions and body language.

  • The decoding of body language and gestures: Voice, emblems, illustrators, and adaptors.

  • Utilizing Facial Expressions as a feedback tool to enable situation-dependent and targeted adjustment of conversation management - resonance statements.

  • The ANSWER-Model

  • Recognizing the seven unspoken facial objections of the counterpart.

  • Once the examination has been successfully completed, the quality seal "Mimikresonanz®" may be used.


Before Training:

  • One week before the first block: Scientific Emotion Recognition Test


Training 1st Block:

  • Duration: 2 days


Between Trainings:

  • Online Campus: Training for rapid recognition of microexpressions (<500ms)


Training 2nd Block:

  • Duration: 2 days


Between Trainings:

  • Online Campus: Training for recognizing subtle microexpressions (<500ms)

  • One week before the Implementation Workshop: Review of the scientific Emotion Recognition Test


Implementation Workshop:

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Integration of learning, time for questions and cases

  • Group review of the scientific Emotion Recognition Test


Total Duration of Training: 5 days

Trainer: Daniel Neuhaus


1750 Euro

*Displayed prices include VAT

Learning Goal

In this comprehensive and practice-oriented training, your skills in facial expressions and body language will be deepened and solidified. You will not only learn to recognize facial signals accurately but also to interpret them quickly and correctly, enabling you to engage in emotional dynamic resonance effectively.

Through numerous exercises and practical applications, you will learn to understand and train the complex interplay of facial expressions and body language. This will sharpen your perception even further and cultivate a deeper understanding of the emotional state of others.


With the comprehensive knowledge gained in this training, you will be able to elevate your communication skills to a completely new level. This will allow you to significantly enhance your interpersonal relationships and boost your professional success in a sustainable way.

Areas of Application

Mimikresonanz Einsatzfelder.png
"I had the pleasure of experiencing an unbeatable combination of warmth, spirit, and expertise in the Mimikresonanz seminar. The balance between theory and practice was excellent, the facilities were great, and there was ample time for interaction with fellow participants. By the end, I was filled with inspiration and left the seminar with a buoyant feeling. Highly recommended!"

Lena Berger, Leipzig (Germany)

Alexa Young, CA

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