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Face Reading: Wrinkles as Badges of Honor?

Updated: Jul 11

"Wrinkles are badges of honor for wisdom and experience - Let us celebrate them and wear them with pride and confidence!"

When you delve into Face Reading, you'll start seeing the wrinkles on your face in a completely different light. Have you ever considered that the wrinkles on your face are more than just a sign of aging?

Many people believe that wrinkles are solely caused by aging, but in truth, they are merely a side effect of getting older. Wrinkles actually form when we repeatedly perform certain facial expressions. Therefore, in Face Reading, wrinkles can provide insights into our character.

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Wrinkles in Face Reading: What have you often felt?

Imagine you have experienced a lot of joy and as a result, you have repeatedly made a certain facial expression - this could lead to the development of laugh lines. Each individual wrinkle on our face tells a story and can provide insights into our past.

When we interpret the wrinkles on our face through Face Reading, they allow us to draw conclusions about emotions we have often experienced. This is where Face Reading comes into play. For a wrinkle to form on the face, it requires millions of repetitions.

Therefore, it's important to note that each wrinkle on our face holds significance and reveals something about our character and our past.

Wrinkles Tell Stories in Face Reading

In Face Reading, wrinkles are one of my favorite topics. Each wrinkle tells its own story, much like a scar. Everything we see on a face tells us something about the person in Face Reading. In China, wrinkles are celebrated as signs of wisdom and experience. Children kiss the wrinkles of their grandparents to benefit from their knowledge and life experience.

Wrinkles can also thin out or even disappear again when the emotion that caused them is no longer felt. This happens because the corresponding facial expression is no longer made in that case. Thus, wrinkles are solely caused by facial expressions of emotions. This means that we actually have influence over how our wrinkles develop.

Wrinkles Highlight Life Stages in Face Reading

Our faces are like a diary, recording the chronological stages of our lives. They change over time, and we continue to write on them - not just with wrinkles and lines, but also with dark spots and shades.

While wrinkles can sometimes be frustrating, these signs of experience on our face are fundamentally good.

They record our life stages and are visual evidence that we have felt the emotions of our experiences, battled through difficult times, and learned life's lessons.

Wrinkles Are Considered Badges of Honor in face Reading

We have the choice to either fight our wrinkles or celebrate them as signs of wisdom. So why not instead focus on what they tell us about ourselves and our past? Let's proudly and confidently embrace the wrinkles on our faces and celebrate them as badges of wisdom and experience.

The preferred facial expressions that manifest on a face depend on a person's personal life circumstances and societal culture. According to the findings of American anthropologist and psychologist Paul Ekman, there are seven universal primary emotions that occur across cultures.

The 7 primary emotions

  • Happieness

  • Surprise

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Disgust

  • Sadness

  • Contempt

What wrinkles mean to me as a Face Reader

Since becoming a Face Reader and understanding the meaning behind all the delicate and deep facial lines, my perspective on wrinkles has completely changed. They are no longer just a "sign of aging" that spreads seemingly without any logic across my face.

Instead, they remind me daily of my own life story, my approach to things, my way of thinking, and how I cope with my fears and worries. They also remind me of the indescribable beauty of life and the joy I get to experience anew every day. This fills me with gratitude.

Our Face Reflects our Emotional World

We never stop writing on our face. It is a canvas through which our inner self is projected outward, reflecting our emotional world.

No body part reveals more about us than the approximately 25 square inches of our face.

Facial wrinkles are a fantastic blend of genetics, environmental influences, and traces of repeated expression patterns. Our face reveals to the world who we are, what we have felt, and with some probability, what we may feel again. Thus, it is not just a simple canvas but also a window to our soul.


Let's learn to celebrate our facial wrinkles and lines as important signs of our personality and life experiences, wearing them with pride and confidence. Isn't it wonderful to no longer feel sad about new lines on our face in the future, but instead be curious about their meaning?

Then, you can still decide whether the wrinkle represents emotions you'd prefer to let go of or if it's a badge of honor that you can be proud of.

Curious to discover what your wrinkles reveal about you? Book a professional Face Reading session now! I look forward to meeting you.

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