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The King's Face in Chinese Face Reading

In Chinese Face Reading, facial shapes are of great importance as they serve as a gateway to a person's personality. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the King's Face, characterized by its distinctive facial features and angular lines. A classic example of a King's Face is Daniel Craig or Clint Eastwood. When you think of a king, what comes to mind first? Perhaps authority, power, bravery, and courage? You're spot on!

The Talents of the King's Face According to Chinese Face Reading

According to Face Reading, individuals with "king's faces" exhibit tremendous willpower and impressive argumentative strength. From a young age, they often set goals to conquer and progress, showing no hesitation to embark on challenging paths. The ability to lead others is invaluable to them. These individuals prioritize making advancements, constructing things, exerting influence, and creating a legacy. They aim to leave their mark, demonstrating resilience, readiness for battle, and endurance to achieve their goals.

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Talents of the King's Face According to Chinese Face Reading

How to Identify a King's Face in Face Reading Why the King's Face Desires Power

How to Identify a King's Face in Face Reading

King's faces are characterized by their square or boxy facial shape with a pronounced, broad jaw and a prominent, straighter chin. The latter signifies resilience and determination. The King's face appears very distinctive, especially in the forehead and eyes.

These features are often deeply set in their eye sockets, giving them a smaller and highly observant appearance. The upper lip tends to be narrower than the lower lip.

As they age, Kings often develop distinctive lines on their cheeks that run along the sides of their mouth, known in face reading as "front lines" (Clint Eastwood line). These vertical lines traverse the "power cushions," as the cheeks are termed in Chinese face reading.

Why the King's Face Desires Power

When a king encounters another king in their environment, both unconsciously assess the other's domain of authority. If they perceive that the other's rule is not justified, they may challenge each other. However, if they acknowledge the legitimacy of the other's authority, the "weaker" king might remain within the influence of the stronger king for a while, but ultimately, dissatisfaction may arise. This is because every king harbors an inner urge to establish and reign over their own domain of authority.

King's Faces: Fighter Personalities in Face Reading

King's faces, according to Chinese Face Reading, do not give up easily nor do they tolerate suboptimal conditions. Perhaps this is why they are adept at turning setbacks into successes and accumulating material wealth. They enjoy receiving approval from all sides. In their youth, they are very combative, but this trait diminishes later on. Power naturally attracts these individuals. In Face Reading, it is said that they are compassionate towards the underprivileged (which can include employees, people in need, or even animals). They are protective towards the weak, extending a helping hand.

King's Faces: Pursuing Materialism

Former kings focused on the material, striving for castles, wars to expand their territories, and treasures. In today's world, this could be best compared to the saying: 'My house, my car, my boat!' Many king's faces are deeply connected to the material world and feel the need to express this outwardly.

Especially young kings can tend to extremes, whether through the accumulation of things to an exaggerated degree or the pursuit of status symbols. According to Face Reading, king's faces are people who enjoy life in all its facets and see the beauty in it.

King's Faces Are Connoisseurs

The Chinese masters of Face Reading say that kings are connoisseurs in every form, from good food to sexuality and "won wars". These successes are often celebrated excessively. And precisely because they are such great connoisseurs, according to Face Reading, there is a risk of them becoming dependent and developing addictive tendencies. Therefore, they should be aware of this and exercise caution accordingly.

King's Faces Aspire to Lead According to Face Reading

Kings desire to lead and not to be led. They are talkative and tend to listen less. Therefore, it is especially important for them to learn to listen first and then lead, in order to fully utilize their creative abilities. Chinese face readers advise the following: To lead, we must learn to follow, and to improve our speech, we must learn to listen first.

"If you want to walk, you have to learn to stand".

King's faces are resilient and can endure a lot without showing it outwardly. They persevere until they eventually reach their limits and simply collapse.

How Does the King's Face Live Winningly?

Living winningly, according to Face Reading, a mature king integrates his heart with his mind, becoming a strong leader. Throughout his life, he ascends to his throne, becoming generous and benevolent. He holds a special place in his heart for the "small and weak," nurturing and supporting them.

Mature kings lead with their hearts. They also know when it's time to step down from the throne. They may become advisors, no longer needing to prove themselves. They know who they are. A warrior transforms into a creator, as mature kings understand that leadership isn't just about conquering and advancing, but also about shaping and building.

They utilize their leadership talents to make a positive impact on the world and leave a lasting impression.

When Does the King's Face Live Losingly?

When king's faces resist their leadership aspirations, they risk according to Face Reading to fall into bad company and be exposed to negative influences. Therefore, Face Reading masters advise caution against excessive self-confidence and selfishness, as these can lead to resentment and feelings of revenge, jeopardizing long-term success.

Immature kings remain on their crusade, constantly seeking battles to live as warlords. This can lead to intolerance and in extreme cases even violence. When a king lives losingly, he tends to lose himself in indulgences such as alcohol, drugs, or sex, as a way to compensate for his problems.

Famous Personalities with a King's Faces

In the world of celebrities, there are several examples of individuals with a classic king's face:

  • Clint Eastwoo

  • Tom Cruise

  • Heidi Klum

  • Jodie Foster

Interestingly, a pure king's face among women is rather rare in Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading is highly precise

As a Face Reader, I am consistently impressed by the profound and precise method of Chinese Face Reading. It's remarkable how much a face reveals about a person's personality and how it can help us better understand ourselves, uncover our strengths, and explore our potential for growth.

I invite you to join me on a fascinating journey to explore your face and discover the hidden qualities and talents within. I look forward to guiding you along this path and assisting you in unlocking your full potential.

The art of Face Reading extends far beyond initial impressions. It is a subtle and accurate method rooted in millennia of insights and wisdom.

As we embark together on the journey of discovering your face, you'll be amazed at how it fosters a new understanding of yourself and those around you. Face Reading is a valuable resource for personal growth and self-discovery, and I look forward to accompanying you on this transformative journey.

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