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Face shapes in Chinese Face Reading

Updated: Jul 12

Are you curious about what your face says about you? In Chinese Face Reading, face shape is considered the gateway to your individual personality.

What I read in your face, you'll find out here.

In Southern Chinese Face Reading, known as Xiāng Miàn (相面), there are 30 recognized face shapes. Because these can mix with each other, there are 70 to 100 different possible face shapes.

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The Most Common Face Shapes in Face Reading

The very names of the face shapes already suggest initial insights into personality.

Face Reading: Metal Face

Which traits come to mind when you think of metal? Likely, you think of stability, steadfastness, and resilience. You're on the right track!

Iron is tough and possesses high strength, only beginning to soften at high temperatures. According to Face Reading, the Iron face shape often embodies clarity in being and appearance, carefully weighing decisions. It is incorruptible. Once a person with an Iron face shape has made a final decision, there is usually no turning back.

People with Metal faces are steadfast and valued as advisers, likely because they tend to view things very objectively. Here you can learn more about the Metal Face in Face Reading.

Prominent representative: Winston Churchill

The Tree Face in Face Reading

You recognize this face in Face Reading by its rather elongated shape. The tree is the only living organism that continues to grow throughout its entire life. A person with this face shape also wants to grow throughout their entire life and remains restless. The Tree Face will jump out of bed at 80 and ask, "What am I doing today?"

Trees have the urge to constantly sprout branches, leaves, and fruits. Translated to humans, this can best be described as a thirst for knowledge and curiosity.

According to Chinese Face Reading masters, Tree Faces are the students of life

Trees do not wish to be compared to other trees; thus, in Face Reading, they are considered highly individualistic and idealistic.

People with this face shape do not show quickly if they are not doing well. However, if they are sick, it shows in their tree-like face. Just as trees lose their leaves, people with this facial shape lose their radiance and vitality.

Prominent representatives: Ronald Reagan and Grace Kelly

Face Reading: King's Face

As the name implies, people with a King's Face want to lead rather than be led. King's Faces are strong-willed, persuasive individuals who are willing to enter the battlefield to achieve and obtain what they desire. Kings are materialistic individuals who prioritize expanding their sphere of influence. Power naturally exerts an attraction on King's Faces. Learn more about the King's Face here.

People with a King's Face want to make progress, create something, and have influence.

Creating things is inherent to their nature. For this goal, they show readiness for battle, resilience, and are equipped with the necessary toughness and endurance. Giving up quickly is out of the question, as is tolerating suboptimal conditions. The king protects the weak with a watchful hand.

Prominent representatives: Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig

Additional Face Shapes in Face Reading

In addition to the aforementioned face shapes, which are quite common, there are numerous other face shapes in Face Reading. Some of them are named after animals.

The Deer Face

The Deer Face individuals are people with a noble aura. When they enter a room, they appear gentle and mild-mannered. With a silent, sublime presence, they stand above worldly matters. People with this facial shape cherish simplicity and clarity.

Deer Faces do not care much for loudness. They appreciate asceticism and find it easy to be alone. These sensitive and empathetic beings are more interested in idealistic rather than materialistic pursuits.

Prominent representatives: Actor Steve Buscemi

The Dog Face

People with a Dog Face, according to Face Reading, are sharp observers who don't miss much. They are vigilant and loyal companions who study their surroundings and stay up to date with their interests.

People with a Dog Face have a scrutinizing gaze on things.

They never tire of faithfully accompanying others, appearing as devoted and loyal companions.

Prominent representative: Gordon Ramsay

The Dragon Face

One distinctive face shape inspired by the animal kingdom is the Dragon. In China, the dragon is considered both a symbol of danger and luck.

The Dragon is a blend of three face shapes: ambitious like the King, charismatic like Jade, and passionate like Fire.

Dragons are powerhouses, equipped with great imagination and excellent problem-solving skills. They are multifaceted individuals with charismatic personalities. These are people who live intensely in the here and now. The Dragon acts career-driven and ambitious. Individuals with the Dragon face shape must follow the call of their soul to create and change things.

Prominent representatives: Actors Angelina Jolie, Bella Hadid, Josh O’Connor, and Ashton Kutcher

Other well-known face shapes in Chinese Face Reading

  • Tiger (Prominent representative: Jack Nicholson)

  • Lion

  • Phoenix (Prominent representatives: Lucy Liu, James Marsters)

  • Great Egret

  • Crane (Prominent representative: Thomas Schmelzer)

  • Snake (Prominent representative: Katy Karrenbauer)

  • Rabbit

All these face shapes embody characteristics associated with the mentioned animals.

What does it mean in Face Reading to have multiple face shapes?

The combination of three face shapes is rather rare in Face Reading. What does it mean for a person to have multiple face shapes?

These individuals are multifaceted and talented, as each face shape comes with its own potentials. Having multiple face shapes makes you adaptable and flexible, as you have a shape for every situation. On the other hand, you may be easily misunderstood.

People see different aspects of you and rarely perceive you as the whole person you are. This can lead to a sense of imbalance within you, ranging from strong determination to feeling directionless.

The challenge of having multiple face shapes

A major challenge for people with 3 face shapes is that they get easily distracted. The curious nature of these personalities always wants to see what there is to discover to the left and right of the path. Therefore, people with 3 face shapes are destined for the long road, so they have enough time to develop all aspects of their personality.

People with multiple face shapes possess many talents that all want to be expressed.

This can lead to feeling like you're good at many things, but not truly excelling at anything. Face Reading can provide an overview of your talents and potentials, thus guiding you in a valuable direction.

How often are the face shapes represented in Face Reading?

  • Single face shape: approximately 30% (about every 3rd person)

  • Two face shapes: approximately 50% (about every 2nd person)

  • Three face shapes: approximately 15% (about every 7th person - often late bloomers)

  • Four face shapes and more: approximately 5% (about every 20th person - known as "masters of masks")

Face Shapes undergo Changes Over Time

Since the history of Face Reading dates back more than 3,000 years, the descriptions of individual face shapes can no longer be precisely applied to modern times.

Due to the intermingling of peoples and genetics, as well as our modern lifestyle, there are fewer distinct face shapes. Therefore, it is sometimes not so easy to determine someone's exact face shape. Today, approximately only one in five people still have the exact face shapes as described in the past.


As you can see, there are many different face shapes. In addition to the common ones like the Iron Face, Tree Face, and King's Face, there are many faces inspired by the animal kingdom. There are actually many more face shapes known than listed here, such as the Jade Face, Mountain Face, Earth Face, or Wall Face.

Would you like to know what face shape you have? Book your personal Face Reading Session now. I look forward to meeting you!

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